As with taking care of any pet, having a Ragdoll cat at home entails costs. Being a Ragdoll cat owner (or an owner of any pet for that matter) means you are responsible for giving them a good quality of life. Taking care of cats is not just about feeding them. There are many aspects about Ragdoll cat health that should be considered before you jump into buying or adopting one.

Taking Care of a Ragdoll Cat

Having a Ragdoll cat as a pet is an awesome experience. They are loyal. They are charming. They are so playful and fun to be with. They are wonderful family cats! It is so easy to think of reasons why you would want to add a Ragdoll to your family. But before you do, it will be very helpful to have an idea of the costs that can be expected once you welcome one, or two (they are just so adorable), of these majestic cats into your home.

How much does it cost to care for a Ragdoll?

Ragdoll cats are also known as gentle giants. And my, do they grow! Because of their size, you can expect that they also eat a lot. But when you think about feeding costs, it is not just about the quantity of food that you should consider. It is more important to think about the quality of your Ragdoll cat’s diet. Ragdolls are generally a healthy breed. But if you want to make sure that they can live healthier for longer, you should really plan the best diet for them.

Food expenses

When it comes to the type of diet to give your Ragdoll cat, you can consult with a vet to be sure of what’s best. However, here are some things to consider:

  • High quality wet food with a mix of low-carb dry food for dental care
  • High-protein, low carb
  • Best to avoid tuna because of its mercury content

Whether you choose commercially available cat food or decide to make homemade raw cat food like some owners do, make sure you pay attention to the ingredients. High quality cat food with premium ingredients will certainly cost more.

Vet expenses

But it’s not all about a Ragdoll’s diet that will ensure good health. You should also factor in expenses for visits to the vet. Having a cat means all or some of these additional but necessary procedures:

  • Vaccines
  • Deworming
  • Neutering
  • exams/consultation

Other miscellaneous costs

Other items that you need to buy to make sure that your Ragdoll cat will have a comfortable, healthy and happy life are:

  • dishes/bowls for food and water – stainless steel or glass bowls are best because plastic ones can possibly cause allergies
  • Litter box/litter sand – there are a lot of good ones to choose from. Some even make homemade litter. You may also want to buy a litter scoop.
  • Specialized cat shampoo – Ragdoll cats are very clean and they do self-groom. But since Ragdoll cats’ coats are very thick, it’s great to give them some help. Specialized cat shampoo ensures that you’re using something non-toxic to keep them safe when they are self-grooming.
  • Brushes/cat combs, nail clippers, cat toothbrush – these grooming items will keep your Ragdoll cat looking as regal as always. Moreso, these will ensure that they are comfortable and healthy.
  • Toys, toys, toys – Ragdoll cats are very playful. They are naturally curious. Having toys will keep them entertained and well-exercised. Just make sure that you choose toys that are made from safe materials.

It is hard to say exactly how much you would need to spend to care for a Ragdoll cat. The costs will vary depending on your choices. But whatever the costs, seeing your Ragdoll cat healthy and happy will surely pay off.

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