People don’t usually associate Ragdoll cats with tricks the way they do with dogs. When it comes to doing tricks, it is typically dogs that would come to mind. It’s not uncommon to hear Ragdoll cat owners say that their cat never ever does what they it to do. Ragdoll Cats are very independent creatures. It is difficult to coax them to do things they don’t what to do. Just ask any owner who has tried, to no avail, to ask his Ragdoll cat to get off from the keyboard so that he can work or to move a bit on the bed so he can have more wiggle room.

Being independent actually makes Ragdoll cats more attractive to other owners because this trait fits their lifestyle more. They don’t have to feel worried or pressured when they need to leave their Ragdoll cats at home. Some say that even though their Ragdoll cats are very stubborn, they love that their Ragdoll cats are sweet but not needy. Because of this, even considering to teach their Ragdoll cats trick might not even cross their minds. How are you supposed to teach your Ragdoll cat a trick when it does not even want to come for a hug when they are happily grooming?

It can be done.

Though Ragdoll cats are independent and stubborn, to say that they cannot be taught tricks would be wrong. It is actually possible to teach your Ragdoll cat to do tricks. There are Ragdoll cat owners who have tried and trained to teach their Ragdoll cat tricks and succeeded. Just look at all the adorable videos of Ragdoll cats doing tricks all over the internet (I know I have). It is definitely not easy and it will take a lot of patience. It may be easier to train kittens than it is adult Ragdoll cats. Everyone knows the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog (or cat) new tricks.” But since, Ragdoll cats usually won’t do something they don’t like to do, then an owner just has to tap into what their Ragdoll cats like or enjoy and start from there.

How can I train my Ragdoll to do tricks?

Ragdoll cats are known as “dogs of the cat world.” It’s not just because they are enormous. Ragdoll cats have some dog-like qualities that earned them this nickname. For one, Ragdolls are very loyal cats. They love spending time with their owners or their families. They are very curious and playful even around children. This makes them awesome family cats.

Another reason for this nickname is that Ragdoll cats are highly intelligent. And you can definitely train your Ragdoll cat to do tricks. They are fast learners and they love playing with their owners. It will not be as easy as pie, but with a lot of patience you can have your Ragdoll doing high fives in no time!

Training Tips

Positive reinforcements work best with Ragdoll cats. Giving treats is a good way to train your Ragdoll cat to do tricks. Choose a treat that your Ragdoll really likes, something that he finds so delicious. They don’t usually do something they don’t like. So being rewarded after successfully doing a trick will make training fun.

When starting to teach your Ragdoll, you have to be consistent and patient. Repetition is key. Have their favorite treat ready. Call out their name as you give the command. Once they are able to execute it, reward them with their most sought after treat. Don’t make the training sessions too long. It might get taxing or your Ragdoll might find something more fun to do!. Keep your sessions at around 10-15 minutes. The more you repeat, the better and faster your Ragdoll will learn.

But mostly, keep it fun! In the end, teaching your Ragdoll cat to do tricks is a good way to bond with them. They would love doing tricks with you because they love you and it’s a great way for them to play with you. But also, those yummy treats are irresistible!

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