Ragdoll Temperament (Are They Friendly?)

What’s a Ragdolls Temperament is like compared to other breeds of cats?

It’s strange to think, but some people still believe a Ragdoll cats Temperament to be very territorial or aggressive due to their imposing size and rugged looks that differ from many other breeds.

This belief is usually based on the fact that Ragdolls appearance has remained similar to the cats you would have once found surviving the harsh winters in Maine running around feral and hunting for food.

There is no secret that a Ragdoll is an excellent hunter, and even as a house pet will want to do what comes naturally and go out at night and hunt. This may have been the main reason for them being taken in by people and established as a breed after all.

So What Is A Ragdoll Cats Temperament Like?

Friendly & Loving

The fact most Ragdolls are friendly is one of the most appealing factors to these cats temperament and personality. They will often sit next to you for affection and greet you at the door when you arrive home very much like a dog in some ways.

Playful & Fun

A Ragdolls Temperament, especially as a kitten, will always love to play for as long as you can keep going! They are willing to be trained so you can have lots of fun making them work complex toys out or build them cozy towers to explore. As a breed, they also like water much more than any other cat’s so you can sometimes find them playing with the water bowl or studying in the shower.

Dog Like In Nature

As a breed, a Ragdoll Cats Temperament is more like a dog than a cat which can help especially if you already own a dog. Most are not afraid to stand up for themselves if required but are more likely to find a beautiful quiet spot to relax and be docile.


Ragdoll cats are brilliant which makes, it easy to train to do new things. Due to how smart they are you will often find they pick up on your daily routine and know when you are due home when something is wrong or simple things like waiting at a particular time of day for food. Rest assured they will quickly come to find you if you’re not on time!


Once you can understand that a Ragdoll Cats temperament and characteristics are not very aggressive or dominant like some people, believe you can see they are caring, loving animals to own and enjoy with your family. If you can give your Ragdoll a loving home, you can rest assured it will be loyal and return that love to you tenfold.

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