One of the things that people find so charming about Ragdoll cats is their luscious fur. Ragdoll cats are huge cats. And their thick fur adds to their regal appearance. When you look at a Ragdoll cat, it’s almost as if it’s wearing a luxurious winter coat. And technically, it is. Ragdoll cats are New England natives. Their dense coats are like so, because they need that bulk to protect them from harsh New England winters.

Because of their majestic look, Ragdoll cats have become one of the most beloved and popular breed of domestic cats. When it comes to appearance, we can’t deny that Ragdoll cats are one of the most stunning breeds. However, if you think about such lush coats, it can be quite intimidating if you are worrying about the upkeep. Fortunately, unlike other long-haired breeds like the Persian cat, Ragdoll cats are relatively easier to groom.

Grooming a Ragdoll Cat

Even though it’s not as difficult to groom Ragdoll cats compared to other long-haired cat breeds, it’s still necessary. This is to ensure that the health of their coats will be maintained. Unhealthy coats can possibly cause other issues like excessive shedding or hair loss. These issues are easier to prevent than to solve. While daily grooming is wonderful, at least a weekly grooming routine is advised if something more frequent is not possible. Most cats don’t exactly love these routines. However, you’ll find that cats enjoy grooming more if they started getting used to it while still young.

How do I groom a Ragdoll Cat?

As with any other long-haired breeds, a Ragdoll cat’s fur is prone to matting. Daily brushing is a great way to avoid this. A soft bristle brush is the best tool for this job. You don’t want to accidentally scratch the Ragdoll cat’s skin with a hard bristle brush. This may possible turn your Ragdoll cat off of grooming and future sessions might be harder to accomplish. Sometimes, you might notice that the fur on their paws get too long. You can clip them with scissors and keep them at a good length.


Cats do self-groom and they are generally very clean pets. But for a long-haired cats like the Ragdoll, bathing is actually a great idea. Cats do not typically love bathing. But Ragdoll cats are one of those breeds that can tolerate and possibly even enjoy water. If you start them young, it will be easier and they can get used to it faster. For other options, there are cat wipes and sprays available when bathing is just not for your cat.

Grooming is not just about the fur

It’s not just your Ragdoll cat’s fur that you need to groom.

  • Always make sure that you regularly trim your Ragdoll cat’s claws. Use nail clippers to maintain a good length. Not only will it prevent your Ragdoll cat to accidentally scratch itself, it can also ensure that they don’t damage your linens and furniture.
  • Brush your Ragdoll cat’s teeth regularly to maintain excellent dental health.

As responsible Ragdoll cat owners, grooming is one of the most important aspects of cat care. A well-groomed Ragdoll cat is definitely a happy and healthy feline.

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